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I'm Donny Paul. I am a  male voice talent that can effectively deliver your message.but I am all booked up. and I will not be accepting any new work.
It can be hard to make the right decision when it comes to choosing a Voice-Over Professional in a very competitive market. You need to trust someone to handle the whole project from beginning to end. My know-how, experience, and creativity will assure that your project is a success. My background also includes entertaining the public for well over 25 years, live, as well as an on air Radio personality. If you need a voice with a clear, concise, expressive, articulate, SMOOTH delivery and you need more than just an announcer, or  when your story needs to be told with a warm, trustworthy, yet authoritative touch, you need the confident, easy-to-listen-to voice-over professional services of Don Paul Productions. Don will effectively enhance your company's image and/or get your product to market. Hard sell, laid back, or in between, the choice is yours. He will provide you with high quality voice over services from my home studio that will exceed your expectations while saving you money. We welcome the opportunity to work with you.

 I speak with a standard American accent, In other words, just the way you hear TV today.

I've earned a superb reputation in the entertainment business with over 25 years experience as a DJ and MC, and 3 years in Radio as a prime time on-air announcer, newscaster, and producer. I am now concentrating on voiceovers, commercial production, narration, radio imaging, and more. My rates are very reasonable attractive to all prospective clients.


My home studio enables me to quickly respond to your voice talent needs with professional audio quality, reducing expensive studio costs and wait times. Your final voice tracks can be sent to you in a variety of ways including ftp or email, in an mp3 format, or any other of your choice.

As a male Voice Talent from N.E. Ohio, I will provide the delivery you require for radio spots, television promos, TV IDs, station imaging, or any type of voice performance. From broadcast advertising to corporation narration projects, I can paint word pictures with professional voice recordings. Instructional or enthusiastic, urgent or matter-of-fact, upbeat and happy or warm and sensual, Let me talk for you and listen as your audio message comes to life and conveys the message you wish.



•Rapid turnaround

• TV Commercials
• Radio Commercials
• Church Presentations
• Infomercials
• Authoritative Voice Talent
• Attention Getting Voice Talent
• Character Voice Over Talent
• Corporate Narration Voice
• TV Documentaries

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